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About BBC

Blackey Baptist Church has a long history in our small community. Our mission is to help our community and all those we touch come to know Christ. We will always act with love, empathy and understanding to all our members and visitors. We will respect and cherish your membership within our family. We will reach out to all people to teach them the miracles that we have found in Christ. We continue to grow both in members and our outreach programs.

We use this website as a tool to teach non-Christians about Christ and give Christians a resource to further their knowledge of the bible and keep them informed with our activities. Our hope is that you will share this site with your friends and family and encourage them to visit our church. You will always feel at home when you walk through our doors.

We thank our community for years of support, our members for the love they show each other as well as visitors, our children who are the foundation of our church growth and our hope for our future. Please join us at our church if you can, if you are unable to visit us here on our website frequently.

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