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A Brief History 1956-2013

Blackey Baptist Church has grown since it's conception as a mission work by those of Grundy Baptist Church in 1956. On July 31, 1983 Blackey Baptist Mission became constituted as Blackey Baptist Church. At the time there were 144 charter members of the church. Through death or relocation only nine (9) of those charter members still attend and work for the church, they are:
Pleas Hawkins
Lillian Hawkins
Harrison Howell
Viginia Howell
Lynda Light
Vicki Potter
Evelyln Smith Cox
James Stiltner
Mildred Justus

At present, our membership is 210 and growing -  and we served by three deacons: Pleas Hawkins, Harrison Howell and James Stiltner. Over the years God has send several godly men to serve as pators at Blackey Baptist Church:
November 9, 1887 through July 26, 1992     Bill Fraizer
May 27, 1993 through November 25, 1999  John Erkfitz
October 1, 198 through July 25, 1999           Don Brown
October 1, 2000 through July 28, 2002         Barry Proctor
2002-2011 New Lebanon Association supplied several mene to serve, among them Larry Stinson and Eugene Whited. In May 2013, Larry Stinson resigned feeling God wanted him to use his ministry to assist churches who were without a pastor. As a result, Eugene Whited became the pastor of Blackey Baptist Church.

The church is involved with many efforts to reach out into our community, such as:
  • The soup kitchen
  • Nursing home ourtreach
  • Coat giveaway
  • Picnics and community events
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Chruch Website
  • The W.M.U. (Women's Missionary Union) has also been very instrumental with outreach programs for children and youth in the church and our community.
  • and we are continuing to grow our outreach programs daily.

We at Blackey Baptist Church are on God's mission to teach our community, our children and all other's we can reach about the glorious wonders of God. We have been blessed with members who see the importance of growing the church and reach out to the lost to bring them into our church family. Thank you so much for taking time to learn about us and we hope you can visit us soon! God bless

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