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Celebrating Women

God's Perfect Love

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Women all over the world are the most targeted and vulnerable group. Especially in Africa. We are bombarded with stories of abuse, rape and violation on a daily basis. The HIV/AIDS statistics are prove of the fact that Satan is out to kill, steal and destroy each and every young women that he can get his hands on. As I talk to and live with women of all ages and backgrounds, I am amazed that the majority of them have a story painful story to tell. Their wounds are made very early in life. In some cases it is the early childhood experiences that left them scared and afraid and in others it is painful adult experiences like rape, rejection, divorce, death of a loved one and so many other countless tragedies.

But why are women so targeted by Satan? Why does he hate them so? The answer is found right in the beginning of the Bible. In Genesis, where the word of God says that after God created women, He said: “ very good”. Women are the pinnacles of God’s creation. Not better than man, but so unique and exceptional it is astounding. Women are the perfect reflection of God, because God is love. It is in this sense that we are most like our maker. Women are associated with love. We have such a vast capacity for love. We love unconditionally, we give ourselves freely and we forgive endlessly. We reflect our maker in our selfless service and courageous efforts to spread love. Just like our maker, we are creatures of beauty. We are beautiful, and we love to create beauty all around us. As the master took his time to create this vast universe, so we strive to make this world a more beautiful place. Women are powerful! When a woman has an idea in her mind, there is no stopping to her. She defends her loved ones fiercely and attacks anything that might pose a threat to their safety.

This is the reason that Satan chose to attack Eve first when he entered paradise. He knew that if he could get the women, ninety percent of the battle is won. He recognized God in her, and he hated it. It is for this very reason that he is still attacking women today. He knows if he can destroy women, he can destroy homes, communities and countries. In short, he can destroy God’s most precious creation: humanity.

God also recognizes the power of women; after all, He created them. He purposefully filled them with His passion, drive and resilience; He knew that we would need it. Our maker prepared us for the most daunting task in the world: Women hood. Yes women hood is a task. Womanhood is loving, constructing, restoring nourishing, nurturing. Through women the love of God is manifested on this earth.

Since the beginning of time God used women to reveal his Salvation plan. Women like Mrs. Noah, who helped to build the ark, Hannah who gave her son back to God, Ester who was willing to die for her people are just a few of the heroines of faith. Our heavenly Father chose a women as a vehicle to bring his only son into this world and it was to a women that he gave the glad tidings: He is risen!

God is still using women today to bring about salvation and restoration to mankind. It is painful for our maker to witness the fact that most of us are just shadows of what he had in mind when he made us. It is for this reason that he is working tirelessly to call women back to his restoring love.

I stand in awe of the explosive power that God has place in such fragile packages: The power of love.


 The Confident Woman

By Irma Green

Luke 13:10-13, 15-16 - Now He was teaching in one of the synagogues.  11 - And behold, there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bent over and could in no way raise herself up.  12-But when Jesus say her, He called her to Him and said to her, "Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity."

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel completely exhausted? Emotionally and physically drained? One of those days can turn into a month. One of those months can turn into a year and beyond.

The Bible says this woman in the Scripture had a "spirit" of infirmity.  Using the word "spirit" here denotes satanic.  The siprit of infirmity that she had was caused by Satan.  Her thoughts feelings and decisions were being influenced by the enemy.

She was not able to get herself out of the situation.  She had no power of her own.  She had no favorable circumstances; nor did she have resources, financial or otherwise.  She was bound by thoughts of defeat and hopelessness that she couldn't overcome.  Instead of growing strong and climbing higher, she was spiraling downward.  The enemy was rendering her useless.

The enemy can do the same to us you know - his tactics have not changed.  

Perhaps there was a tragic event that happened in the past, or perhaps many little worries and insecurities have added up and seem insurmountable.  Satan whispers in our ear that we will never get beyond this.  Things will never get better.

Scripture says, Jesus saw her.  Jesus sees you!!  Jesus called her.  Jesus is calling you!!  Look at this, Jesus called her; Jesus spoke to her, "Woman you are loosed."  "Woman you are loosed from your infirmity."

Although Satan had had her shackled for eighteen years, Jesus set her free.  Verse 16 -"So ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound - think of it - bound for eighteen years, be loosed from the bond on the Sabbath?"

Jesus had compassion on this woman who had been bound, been under Satan's control for eighteen years, He saw her, He called her and loosed her from the bondage she was in.

Woman of God, Jesus is calling you today and He is setting you free from the chains of Satan; from the hold Satan has on you.  Woman you are loosed; loosed from your past; loosed from the bondage Satan had you in, from your fear, your doubt, your low self-esteen; loosed from your need of approval of others, from lack of faith in yourself.

Since you are the daughter of Abraham you are the daughter of the promise; all the promises of Abraham belong to you; the blessings of Abraham belongs to you.  The Bible says you are an heir according to the promise.  So, since you are an heir, you need to claim your inheritance starting NOW - TODAY!!

Jesus said, "woman you are loosed."  Jesus is saying to every woman reading this, "woman you are loosed."  There is nothing holding you.  I want to help you recognize who you are as a daughter of the promise and the value you hold as a daughter of the promise.

Some of you reading this have been bound by Satan for years.  And Satan still has a noose around your neck.  Just imagine that Jesus stepped in front of you and said, "woman you are a descendant of the promise of Abraham, you are loosed - you are a daughter of Abraham; you have greatness in you, you have potential in you.

That being the case, no more pity parties.  No more crocodile tears; no more he said, she said; he did, she did.  I want you from now on to start saying: "I am loosed, there is nothing holding me." I want you to  cop a new attitude, an attitude of "SO WHAT"

Instead of wallowing in self-pity and feeling sorry for yourself just say "so what"!  "So what if I don't have a job.  So what if I'm overweight!  So what if I don't have a husband!  So what if I am broke;" so what, so what, so what, there's nothing holding me - I am a phenomenal, confident woman of God and you better know it.!!

Get to know who you are - you are the daughter of Abraham, the promise - when you walk into a room the atmosphere should change.  All heads should turn to look at this phenomenal, confident woman of God!!

Do you know that God has given you the same rewards as Jesus.  We are heirs of God.  Joint heirs of Christ Jesus; all the riches of heaven belong to Jesus and because we are joint heirs with Him, all the riches of heaven belongs to us!!!

You can say: My Father is rich, why shouldn't I live in a fine house, drive a fabulous car, dress in the finest, have a pocket full of money, eat in the finest restaurants.  I've been liberated; I've been emancipated, I've been set free - free to live an abundant life.  Free to walk in the promises of God.  I have been loosed from what's been holding  me!!

God bless!!

Rev. K. Irma Green, retired pastor; Self-Help Lecturer/Bible Teacher, Writer

Article Source: <a href="">CHRISTIAN WRITER</a>

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